SAIH is the solidarity organization of students and academics in Norway. SAIH’s motto is “education for liberation”. We believe that education is the most effective weapon for creating change. Through higher education and training, young people are given the tools for critical and independent thinking, so that they can participate in public debate and help create a more just and inclusive society.

In several countries, new knowledge and science is seen as a threat by the authorities. Students and academics risk being threatened to death when engaging politically. SAIH works to promote the right to academic freedom. Everyone should have the right to raise his or her voice against injustice; nobody should be threatened to silence.


Our goal is that all young people have access to quality education, in order to contribute to a more just society.


SAIH is a politically independent organization. Solidarity, equality and non-discrimination are important values that form the basis for SAIH’s work. For us, solidarity means standing together. We are not doing charity; we collaborate with equal partners and work together towards one shared goal.


Ever since SAIH was established in 1961, Norwegian students have supported SAIH’s work through the SAIH tenners. Today, SAIH supports 40 organizations in eight countries in Latin America, Southern Africa and Asia. In addition to long-term development work, we are doing advocacy work in Norway and internationally, in order to improve the conditions for education and development globally.

For more information, see our website https://saih.no