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Students' Rights' Monitor

Students' Rights' Monitor is a SAIH project which, together with its partners and allies, aims to support students in their effort to advocate for improved access to quality higher education and academic freedom without fear or intimidation. Students, as active and critical participants in any society have the right to organize, assemble and peacefully demonstrate, document and speak out to defend their rights to education, academic freedom and the protection of their human rights.

Students' Rights' Monitor is a collective and collaborative tool for students who witness or experience violations against their rights. By documenting violations, we can increase visibility, and better advocate to ensure increased protection of our rights and prevent future violations.

About SAIH

SAIH is the solidarity organization of students and academics in Norway. SAIH’s motto is “education for liberation”. We believe that education is the most effective weapon for creating change. Through higher education and training, young people are given the tools for critical and independent thinking, so that they can participate in public debate and help create a more just and inclusive society.

In several countries, new knowledge and science is seen as a threat by the authorities. Students and academics risk being threatened to death when engaging politically. SAIH works to promote the right to academic freedom. Everyone should have the right to raise his or her voice against injustice; nobody should be threatened to silence.

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